Sunday, 19 May 2013

JustPlugIt -- The final word in Browser Extension Platform

Application developers face the nice challenge of not having an explicit platform from that they'll build and launch their browser extensions from. Building Associate in Nursing application would possibly sound straightforward to any application developer, however obtaining your application out into the market is not any straightforward accomplishment. This actually needs the assistance of a trustworthy resolution and platform.
JustPlugIt offers the answer that would o.k. solve each application developers’ quandary. By merely sign language up, justplugit opens the doors for application developers to place their browser extensions get in the market.
This is an entire resolution on its own. it's the foremost advanced and most complete set of tools helpful for making your browser extension. It additionally permits full customization of browser extensions so application developers will have complete liberty to fulfil their goals for his or her browser extensions. Justplugit is additionally compatible with all browser extensions so application developers area unit assured that they won’t have the difficulty of group action their browser extensions.

What Justplugit Offers

Justplugit aims to make it easy for many companies and individuals to have their own custom browser extensions or applications. It allows those who lack the technical knowhow in developing browser extensions or applications to have the name and features they need or want in the application or browser extension they can call their own. This service is not fully automated, though. The development is done by real developers, real people. This means that you will be dealing with actual developers to make your requests materialize.

JustPlugit cross browser

To have your extension or application created, you have to go to the official Justplugit website. Here, you will be required to sign up for an account. You will need an account because only those who have accounts will be able to contact the Justplugit team to discuss their requests for features, design and functionality. All details pertaining to the application to be created need to be properly clarified before the development process commences. The team will typically require 24 hours to complete an order. After the browser extension or application has been completed, it will be promptly sent to the customer as a single executable file or installer (one with a .exe extension). This installer should be able to run in all recent versions of the MS Windows operating system (preferably XP or newer).

You can also visit JustPlugIt In Twitter.

This company assures application developers that their browser extensions earn their place within the market with its management and business enterprise solutions. JustPlugIt completes its job of selling and advertising your browser extensions, more complete with its use of push notification systems. They keep users interactive and systematically notified of updates on your browser extension.